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About Dewey Gear

Dewey Gear started in Dewey Beach, Delaware at Captain Rons Beach House in 2004.  I designed our beach house t-shirts for that summer and we got some great feedback, everyone seemed to love the logo.  I jokingly said, "I should just make shirts for a living..."

"Can you make me..."

After our beach house shirts hit the street, I started getting individual requests to make all kinds of shirts from individual items to group shirts for bachelorette parties, etc.  Most of the conversations were, "Oh you made that?  Can you make me...?" which was working out pretty good so one night in the Starboard, where we solve most world problems, Captain Ron and I were discussing what we would call our shirt shop and Dewey Gear was born.

You need that shirt...

Have you ever been hanging out with your friends, someone walks by with an awesome shirt and you say, "You need that shirt..."? Well now you know where you can get it for them.  Most of our logos were created as simple as that, elbow in my side followed by, "You should make a shirt that says...that would be hilarious". 

Once my collection of shirt ideas grew we launched www.deweygear.com and expanded beyond the word of mouth business.

How do we do it?

The store is operated in our spare time and as new ideas come up they get added to the site. We still enjoy customizing your orders or helping you get your original ideas printed so keep them coming. All custom orders get priority.

A lot of our printing is through www.cafepress.com which gives us the flexibility to print on pretty much anything from shirts,tank tops, cups, mugs,flip flops,clocks, you name it, checkout our store for more ideas.

We also have relationships with large printers that can do full scale jobs, please contact us webmaster@deweygear.com if you have any group events or custom ideas you'd like to discuss.

Thank you!

Thank you for stopping by and learning more about us. 

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